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Scenes from the 96-minute film ALL JAMS ON DECK shot on the October 2010 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise to the Mexican Riviera. The subject of the 96-minute film is blues jamming. The film was directed by Robert Mugge and produced by Mugge with Diana Zelman for Mug-Shot Productions and Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise LLC. The executive producer was Roger Naber.

Click Here to View: TrailerTommy Castro OpeningMarcia Ball Pro Jam
Vasti Jackson & Laith Al-SaadiLowrider Band Pro JamElvin Bishop Raisin' Hell Revue
Elvin Bishop Bonus #1Elvin Bishop Bonus #2Elvin Bishop Bonus #3
Elvin Bishop Bonus #4Johnny Winter Bonus #1Johnny Winter Bonus #2



"Originally available as a souvenir for voyagers on the legendary Blues Cruises, All Jams On Deck is becoming known as a film all blues lovers in general should enjoy. It's also a primer for blues performers looking for tips from the pros... Every musician should see this film at least once. Odds are, you'll want to go on a Blues Cruise yourself to enjoy what hot licks sound like after-hours."
- Wesley Britton, and Seattle Post Intelligencer

"All Jams On Deck...offers some terrific highlights from the after-hours jams that take place on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruises. It is actually also a nice primer for performers to learn from the professionals how to run jams... Quite a lot of fun..."
- Gregory Johnson, President, Cascade Blues Assocation

"I have had the pleasure to watch Robert Mugge's All Jams On Deck, a documentation of late night jams on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise... This is a film that anyone who loves contemporary blues would enjoy...a great documentary."
- Bman's Blues Report

"This DVD compiles over 90 minutes of on-stage fireworks...the magic that happens every night aboard Roger Naber's Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise... Spliced between these all hands on deck jams are intimate talks with many of the musicians on the boat. The discussions...should be required listening for every aspiring musician, blues or otherwise, to understand the purpose and etiquette of jamming. It is not to stand on stage and shred, rather, as every filmed jam shows, it is about creating a one of a kind musical art of the moment, never to be recreated again... If you've never been on the blues cruise, this DVD should push you into making that experience a reality."
- Art Tipaldi, Blues Revue

"This is no Love Boat... Fabled music documentarian Robert Mugge turned his lens on the 2010 Blues Cruise which has been turned into the film, All Jams On Deck documentary. The movie boasts a bevy of big-time blues acts... If you haven't had the chance to be a guest on one of these musical cruises, you can check out the fun in this film, and the price is certainly right. You can get a copy for just the price of shipping and handling."
- Michael Berick, Musical Shapes

"A raucous sea cruise with some of the best blooz catz 'n kitties in the biz... The very first concert sequence is a full-on kick-ass jam with Tommy Castro, expanded band, and horn section. Deeeee-lish-usssss...and they are smokin'! But that's the kind of hi-energy confab you get throughout this entire hour and a half: enough talent to choke an entire Futurity Downs worth of horses. So take Castro, Elvin, BOTH Winter brothers (Johnny and Edgar), Marcia Ball, Lee Oskar, Commander Cody, Coco Montoya, and a helluva lot more beyond, pass the drinks around to the audience, turn the amps up loud, and we're off to the races. Tell me, where else are you going to see Johnny Winter jamming with Bishop, Edgar hitting the keyboards? Nowhere. It's unique. May never happen again either... In between songs, there's a lot of cool conversation happening, musicians sitting back and reminiscing, talking about the biz, jam history, the sounds, the sheer pleasure of throwing a prolonged set of musical merrymaking on the open seas to an aggregate of very receptive vacationers, and then whatever else comes to mind... This is, as I mentioned earlier, a killer way to get away from the real world for a while, to take a vacation, and I'm betting you'll be watching it more than once. I sure as hell am."
- Mark S. Tucker (edited by David N. Pyles), Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"Robert Mugge is considered to be 'king of the American music documentary', so there is no doubt that when he is involved with a musical project, it is going to be exceptional in Quality and Content; All Jams On Deck - a Robert Mugge Film - is once again proof of that... We are treated to some of the best in the present day world of Blues... The footage of various Jam sessions was amazing... You are going to be both educated and entertained."
- John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

"This video just 'rocks the blues'... It's a virtual who's who of living blues artists... The performances alone will have you dancing in your living room... And, this video actually is a great primer for aspiring blues players. And, it's a blast."
- Robert Carraher, The Dirty Lowdown

"Roger Naber, CEO of [Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise LLC]...has collaborated with celebrated musical filmmaker Robert Mugge to create All Jams On Deck... The whole film is a great experience, and it's all about having a great time... All Jams On Deck is a film that all blues fans should see... If you are unable to attend a Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise, then this film is absolutely the next best thing to being there!"
- Sheryl and Don Crow, donandsherylbluesblog

"Highest rating. Here's an excellent DVD from a 2010 cruise... The 96-minute film takes a music-filled look at the late-night blues jams on the ship, which seem to have developed into some of the best music of the cruise, where musicians who rarely or never play together join in to make some exciting blues... You don't have to look very hard to see how much fun the musicians are having... There's a lot of great music on this DVD, and it makes for an exciting musical sea cruise."
- Jim White, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Online

"Mugge and his partner, Diana Zelman, have managed to create a work that succeeds on several levels. It educates viewers on the art of jamming while providing actual performances that illustrate the points under discussion. You get exciting combinations of great musicians playing for their own enjoyment as well as the fans who manage to stay up that late! And it provides a close-up view of what the Blues Cruise is all about. You will certainly play this disc more than a time or two."
- Mark Thompson, Blues Blast Magazine

"All Jams On Deck features a powerhouse assembly of musicians that will be familiar to most blues fans... All Jams On Deck was originally available as a souvenir for Blues Cruisers (who have been enjoying these late night 'pro jam' sessions for years), but has now been made available at the Blues Cruise website for all blues fans for just the cost of shipping ($5.95)...not a bad deal for over an hour and a half of fantastic blues music."
- Graham Clarke, Phoenix Blues Society's BluesBytes

"You don't have to leave the comfort of your easy chair to take in some of the biggest names in blues jamming after hours on this 96 minute DVD shot in 2010 on a week long Blues Cruise from San Diego to the Mexican Riviera... It's a unique look from a musician's perspective of how to make a diverse group of styles and egos mesh without a lot of hair pulling and punch outs... Although there's plenty of guitar talent on board, this cruise is a harp lover's dream come true... You won't get a tan, but you'll have all the music to watch over and over for a price that wouldn't even get you a decent cocktail aboard ship. All in all, it's a pretty good deal."
- Grant Britt, No Depression

"Robert Mugge's hour-and-a-half documentary offers an in-depth look at the fabled after-hours jams sessions aboard ship, when all of the assembled artists make their way onstage and do their thing en masse... However, you wouldn't expect Mugge, a celebrated chronicler of roots music history, to simply set up and shoot. Instead, he turns All Jams On Deck into a combination instructional/educational video while never forgetting to let the music remain the central attraction... As for the music, it's fabulous, buoyant, driving, life affirming, celebratory, high-spirited, rousing, warm - exactly what you would want for an after-hours party on the high seas... Visually the documentary has a warm feel, and Mugge's camera crew knows how to capture musicians in the heat of their moment, whereas his editing captures both the panoramic view of the scene and the intimate close-ups of artists in the grip of their muse."
- David McGee,


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