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Music Films and Documentaries




Dramatic Films

Drew Varvel and Bobby Dalley:  The Hood (feature)
The Hood (feature)
Drew Varvel and Bobby Dalley

David Sheets:  Love Never Fails
Love Never Fails
David Sheets
Robert Dalley:  The Swindler
The Swindler
Robert Dalley
Drew Varvel:  Point of No Return
Point of No Return
Drew Varvel
Carson Royer: Journey's End
Journey’s End
Carson Royer
Aaron Beal: Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father
Aaron Beal
Jarryd Stefanik: Chi Rie 4V WM
Chi Rie 4V WM
Jarryd Stefanik
Dustin Demoret: A Park at 12:34
A Park at 12:34
Dustin Demoret
David Hopkins:  Violet
David Hopkins
Jared S. Windler:  Muncie Love
Muncie Love
Jared S. Windler
Dustin Demoret:  Afraid To Die
Afraid To Die
Dustin Demoret
Josh Hicks:  Cut
Josh Hicks
Adrian Blackwell:  Bloodflower
Adrian Blackwell
Aaron Haughton:  Drunk Luck
Drunk Luck
Aaron Haughton
Anthony Cleveland:  Torso
Anthony Cleveland
Kayla Eiler:  This Side of the Mirror
This Side of the Mirror
Kayla Eiler
Heath Schlatter: Boob Tubed
Boob Tubed
Heath Schlatter
Andrew Mark Gregory: My Name is Joe
My Name Is Joe
Andrew Mark Gregory
Jel Fidler: Murder at 909
Murder at 909
Joel Fidler
Wenting Zeng: The Beauty
The Beauty
Wenting Zeng

Documentary Films

Casey Graham:  Jake
Casey Graham
Shan Guan:  Melody of Nostalgia
Melody of Nostalgia
Shan Guan
Taylor Hirstein:  Wes Gehring
Wes Gehring
Taylor Hirstein
Coca Xie:  Meeting Steve Bell
Meeting Steve Bell
Coca Xie
Anton Blender:  Telford Fenton - His Life and His Work
Telford Fenton - His Life
and His Work
Anton Blender
Will Kuhn:  We Are The Same
We Are The Same
Will Kuhn
Joe Clemons:  Black Ice Presents:  The Unspeakable
Black Ice Presents:
The Unspeakable
Joe Clemons
Dalton Rinehart:  Holy Valleys
Holy Valleys
Dalton Rinehart
Mark Passine: The Lake County Parks Department
The Lake County
Parks Department
Mark Passine
Maria Carolina Sanchez: On the Edge: The Two Sides of Climbing
On the Edge:
The Two Sides of Climbing
Maria Carolina Sanchez
Clemons, Clark-Gainous, Highbaugh: The Miseducation of a Woman's Worth
The Miseducation of
a Woman’s Worth
Clemons, Clark-Gainous, Highbaugh
Mark Riley: Be Here Now
Be Here Now
Mark Riley
Erin Anderson:  Cardinal Cupcakes & Coneys
Cardinal Cupcakes & Coneys
Erin Anderson
Blake Fife:  Grilled
Blake Fife
Eve Liverett:  The Makings of a Hero
The Makings of a Hero
Eve Liverett
Shane Moore:  HorseBear
Shane Moore

Visual Storytelling/Experimental Films

Olivia Bodi:  Eclipsed
Olivia Bodi
Shane Dresch:  Gold Glow
Gold Glow
Shane Dresch
Brian Hollars:  In One Night
In One Night
Brian Hollars
Jill Hackney: Le Parapluie de mon Papa
Le Parapluie de mon Papa
Jill Hackney
Mark Passine:  Sleepless In Muncie
Sleepless In Muncie
Mark Passine
Mark Passine:  Black Coffie
Black Coffee
Mark Passine
Kayla Eiler:  Impossible Soul
Impossible Soul
Kayla Eiler
Dillon R. Carpenter: French Toast
French Toast
Dillon R. Carpenter
Chengchen Jian: Stalker
Chengchen Jian
Anna Butler: The Darwinist
The Darwinist
Anna Butler
Jason Metzger:  Let the Music Control You
Let the Music Control You
Jason Metzger
Joel Fidler:  Fidler Noir
Fidler Noir
Joel Fidler
Joel Fidler:  Reflection(s)
Joel Fidler
Jordan Bennett-Barnes:  Drank
Jordan Bennett-Barnes
Corey Watts:  The
Corey Watts
Ben Rockey:  Good Life
Good Life
Ben Rockey