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Big Chief Monk Boudreaux in New Orleans


Chris Li in chopper


Dave Sperling filming Eddie Bo


Diana Zelman with Col. Lewis Setliff, III.


Downtown New Orleans two months after Hurricane Katrina


Filming Eddie Bo at his cafe in New Orleans


House near 17th Street Canal levee breach


Interviewing Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth at Voodoo Fest


Irma Thomas at front of her Lion's Den club in New Orleans


New Orleans after Katrina


ReBirth Brass Band in Houston


Seth Tallman, Dave Sperling & Robert Mugge
with Mark Samuels in New Orleans


Theresa Andersson performing in Memphis studio


Irma Thomas, Robert Mugge & Diana Zelman attend
the film's theatrical world premiere in New Orleans


Community kitchen in New Orleans


Chris Li & Diana Zelman along levee


Dave Sperling & Robert Mugge in Memphis


Diana Zelman in chopper


Filming Cowboy Mouth at Voodoo Fest in Memphis


Filming Irma Thomas at the Lion's Den in New Orleans


Filming U.S. Army Corp of Engineers in New Orleans


Interviewing Phil Frazier in Houston


Irma Thomas & Robert Mugge during
shooting in New Orleans.


Papa Mali performing at W.C. Handy Park in Memphis


Robert Mugge with son Rob near
17th Street Canal levee breach


Theresa Andersson, Robert Mugge &
Dave Sperling in Memphis studio


World Leader Pretend at Voodoo Fest in Memphis


Big Chief Monk Broudreaux & Robert Mugge

Seth Tallman, Dave Sperling & Chris Li
shoot National Guard in New Orleans





Photo Credits:
Photo Credits: Rob Mugge & Chris Li (with Diana Zelman, Robert Mugge and Bernard Grant)