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Saloon Man: A German Immigrant Battles the Limits of Liberty, 1870 to 1915
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Saloon Man:
A German Immigrant Battles the Limits of Liberty,
1870 to 1915

by Robert Mugge

Robert Mugge's second book - Saloon Man: A German Immigrant Battles the Limits of Liberty, 1870 to 1915 - focuses on his great-grandfather, the "original" Robert Mugge who came to America at the age of seventeen; made his way to Tampa, Florida while it was still a settlement; and became a hugely successful businessman. Because his core businesses were alcohol-related at a time of oncoming temperance - and because he hired, partnered with, and supported African Americans during Jim Crow segregation - the "saloon magnate of Tampa" was also controversial.





Robert Mugge Likely in his Teens
Roberts Cousin Augusta Kiefer
Roberts Father Ludwig_Louis Mugge
Roberts Mother Luise_Louise Mugge
Alice Janthe McCullough Mugge
Caroline Rautenstrauch Mugge
Tampa Map 1886
Mugge Home shot 1922
Dr Frederick N Weightnovel 1880s
Weightnovel Business Card 1880s
Bottling Works Ice Plant Home 1892
Mugge Home and Garden shot 1922
Anheuser Busch ad 1890
Tampa Bay Hotel Illustration 1893
Adolphus and Lilli Busch 1870s
Mugge Bottle 1
Mugge Bottle 3
Robert Mugge Corner Circa 1890s
London Gaiety Company1897
Robert Mugge at 46 1899
Franklin Street 1899
Army Encampment 1898
Busch Gift Vase
Tampa Saloon Interior 1900
Mugge Businesses Ad 1901
Tribune Editor Wallace F Stovall
Louise Mugge 16 1900
St Petersburg Times Political Cartoon 1902
Caroline Martha and Nellie in Germany 1903
Pat Chappelle Ad Circa 1899
Crystal Saloon 1903
Farm Products Sale 1904
Adolphus Busch and Train Car
Postcard from August in Germany 1904
August and Frances in Germany Circa 1905
Stereopticon 1904
Central Avenue 1903
Tampa Police Dept 1899
Caroline and Eugene 1906
Carrie Nation 1910
Martha August Nellie in Germany 1910
Franklin Street 1911
Mugge Beach House
August Lower Left in Dueling Fraternity 1912
Tampa Illustration 1912
1912 Mugge Police Ad
Bay View Under Construction 1913
Tampa Times Political Cartoon 1913
Central Hotel renamed Hotel Rogers 1942
Personal Liberty Budweiser Ad 1914
Bay View Hotel Circa 1915
Mugge Block_ on Franklin Street 1915
Bay View Hotel New City Hall Circa 1916
Robert Mugge on Street Circa 1915
Robert Mugge Reading Paper Circa 1915
Mugge Central Avenue Businesses 1915
Woodlawn Cemetery Plots 2018
August in WWI Circa 1919
Mugge Beach House Circa 1917
Robert Mugge Painting
Bay View Hotel 1922
Caroline and Grandchildren 1927
Mugges Distilled Gin 1930s



Roberts younger brother Louis Jr
Ohio River   Henderson
Kiefer Grocery
Terre Haute Indiana Illustration 1880
1886 Terra Haute fire map
Mugge McCullough wedding license
John McCullough Alices father
Coopers Strike 8_15_1876
Erlanger Co at Opera House
Woodlawn Cemetery
Cemetery Lot 1877
Naturalization Papers Part One 4 30 1879
Naturalization Papers Part Two 4 30 1879
Naturalization Papers Part Three 4 30 1879
Neighborhood Map
View of intersection Monroe Lafayette from the Court House 1882
Double Decker Streetcars 1882
Franklin Street 1883
Tampa Street Railway Co 1886
Mugge Seltzer Bottle
Mugge whiskey bottle
Tampa Bay Hotel 1922
Tampa Bay Hotel 1922
Augusts Baptism and Confirmation dates
Mugge TAXES 1893
Mugge Ice and Electric Plants 1895
Busch Train Car Exterior
Busch Train Interior
Busch Train Interior
Busch Train Interior
Busch Train Interior
Exchange National Bank interior 1894
Forepaughs Show 10 30 1896
London Gaiety Company The Gaiety 3 24 1897
Streetcar in Ybor City 1898
Generals and Staff 1898
Rough Riders Tampa Bay Hotel
Soldiers Embarking at Port Tampa 1898
Vincente Martinez Ybor Co cigar factory 1899
Franklin  Lafayette 1900
Florida Brewing Company building Tampa Tribune 1900
Fire engine 1900
Mercer hanging 1901
Chappelle and Donaldson
Buckingham  Bijou Tampa Tribune 11_21_1900
Buckingham Theatre 1 22 1903
A Rabbits Foot
Herald blackmail 1902
Adelheid and Helene Streb
Tampa Horse Fountain 1912
Lynch mob Cartoon
Robert Mugge is Threatened Tampa Tribune 8_4_1903
Phoenix Stereopticon
Budweiser Ad 8 10 1904
City Hall with Police Department 1905
1900 Tribune Staff
Tampa Tribune truck
Mayor and Tampa Times Editor Donald B McKay
Water Works lawsuit
Madrid Hotel West Tampa Circa 1906
Eugene Holding Fonnie 1906
Mugge Family Members 1906
Streetcar pulling kegs German picnic 1907
Frances at School in Darmstadt 1909
Visiting Francess German School 1910
Streetcar at Ballast Point 1910
Crown Caps Ad Tampa Tribune 8_11_1910
Sugarcane Field 1915
Grinding Sugar Cane  Boiling molasses 1912
Hohenasperg Fortress
Augusts Name Engraved at Fortress
Union Station 5_5_2012
Citizens Bank Building Franklin  Zack 1913
Shot SW from Bay View roof 1913
Central Hotel  Saloon 2nd view
Bay View Hotel  Wells Building 1921
Seminole Saloon 1915
Vulcan Saloon and Bowling 1915
Burgert Brothers photo
James Madison Budweiser Ad 4 16 1915
Aministrating Robert Mugges Estate
Robert Mugge tombstone
Robert Mugge headstone
Final Robert Mugge photo
ROMUCO cigar box art
Family at Beach House
Martha working at Bay View Hotel
Faith Mission
August Mugge  wife with my dad 1922
Tearing Down Mugge Home 5 5 1922
Dodd Motor Company 410 Jackson Street
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church 1926
August Mugge house 4_10_26
Minna Worthmann
Pan looking north at downtown from Bay View 1924
Bay View Hotel dining room 1950
Central Hotel renamed Rogers Hotel dining room 1951
Bay View Hotel ad
Bay View Hotel Demolition 2 24 1980

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