Student Films



Music Films and Documentaries

Robert Mugge and Steve Cheseborough.

"Blues Breaks"
© MAET 2003
Thirteen 60-second films produced, directed, written and edited
by Robert Mugge for Mississippi Public Broadcasting.
Host and music director: Steve Cheseborough.

Please click the image above to view all thirteen films in succession.

1. Blues Highways
2. Delta Crossroads
3. Blues Plantations
4. Blues Graves
5. Blues Foods
6. Willie King on the Blues
7. Muddy Waters House
8. Blues Streets
9. W.C. Handy
10. Blues Venues
11. James "Super Chikan" Johnson - "Bent Skillet"
12. Willie King - "Terrorized"
13. Vasti Jackson - "Juke Joint Jump"





Photo Credits:
Photos by Adam Daniel and Eris Wilson. © MAET 2003.